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Obvious? Maybe. But when I discovered crochet I completely lost all urge to knit and all ability too. From being able to spin out a few rows in as many minutes I became utterly inept at the needles. Of course this didn’t mean I stopped looking at all the pretty things I could make if I tried again; it just meant I never picked up the needles. For that, I’d have to put down the hook.

Now I’m always clicking away. I have two knitting projects on the go at the moment, both of them shawls, though not really. They’re both by Martina Behm (website in both English and German) who makes gorgeous little shawlette designs with Hitchhiker’s Guide themed names. I could not resist. I’m making a 42 with some lovely baby alpaca yarn and a Trillian with some Zauberball.

Circular Needles

They are so much more convenient. For those who don’t know (which was me up until a couple of months ago) they are needles joined by a thin cord that is flexible. I find them so much nicer to use outside of the house since you don’t poke the person next to you on the train and your project is less likely to slip off the end. Absolute bliss.


It’s the best website around for knitters and crocheters. I’ve never encountered anything like it online before. It’s partly a huge database of patterns and yarns and other craft-related stuff, partly a large forum for people to discuss… anything. Of course most of the discussion is about knitting/crocheting/yarn, but there’s also a hell of a lot of random chatter in groups such as Remrants, which is where I spend most of my time there.

Which is a lot of time lately…

One Pretty Thing

If you like seeing a fantastically varied list of things to do gathered from all around the crafting world, go here. They also have a bunch of links to do with the business side of being a craftster which I one day wish to get into, so that’s been fascinating for me. Have a list of some of the best posts on that round-up:

The Potential for Improvement

This is a running theme in my life. I start something, then I become obsessed with getting better. The more I see people on Ravelry churning out absolutely gorgeous patterns, the more I want to design my own (and I will!). The more I see people spinning and dying their own yarn, the more I want to try it some day. The more I see people branching out into new crafts, the more I want to discover.

At the moment I’m holding down a pretty high-maintenance job and don’t have much time or energy outside of it but it’s thinking about things like this that get me through the day.

How did I survive before I picked up a hook/some needles?


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