Finishing a Project

Okay, I’ll admit it, this project was hard.

I don’t mean that it was difficult. It really wasn’t! It’s a simple construction, really clever in its design and it had no complicated manoeuvres. It’s Coachella by Fathom Harvill and it’s one of the most popular projects on Ravelry for a reason. Here’s one of the pictures from the Ravelry pattern page.

A Knitty pattern - click the pic for the link.

One of the reasons I picked this project as my first actual knitted garment (as compared to accessories) was because it is incredibly flattering on all the people who have made it, as displayed on the Ravelry project page. Some tops and sweaters look amazing on the designer or their model but crap on anyone else with a different body shape. Not this one. This one suits everyone.

However, the entire time I’ve been knitting it I’ve had to fight it. Not because it is difficult but because it’s too easy.

I love the colour of the yarn too.

Miles and miles of stockinette stitch. Gag.

And as it was knitted primarily in the round, that was mostly just the knit stitch. Over. And over. And over. And feckin’ over.

Towards the middle I had to put it down for a few days. I even changed my nail polish to something that clashed with the yarn which made it especially annoying when I then bought my Coachella to knit night at the Little Green House and had to knit with my nails not matching. It was a good thing I did though; it broke my annoyance with the project. The next day I repainted my nails blue-green and settled down to finish it.

It’s done now.

It was such a triumph putting it on for the first time. I made a small – the project pages seemed to suggest it came out large, and I would usually knit medium. For most of the project I was sure it wouldn’t fit me but IT DID. It does fit! Perfectly! It’s even flattering!

You don’t get any decent pictures of the finished object (it’s been raining since I completed it so no good camera opportunities yet) but I can offer you an excited webcam photo.


So it’s done. I’m already halfway through another project (one with much less feckin’ stockinette) with the same yarn. Pictures of both will come soon.

What’s the first full garment you made? Do you still wear it? I have the feeling this will be a wardrobe staple for me!


4 thoughts on “Finishing a Project

  1. From that second photo, it does look like this garment may have challenged your sanity. Stockinette will do that. I just finished Color Affection. Miles and miles of garter stitch. Right there with you.


    1. To be fair I didn’t have much sanity to begin with but this definitely pushed me over the edge.

      Oooh, Color Affection. That is one beautiful project. I’ll have to check out yours.


      1. I’ve only got one photo of mine stretched out on the blocking board. But thousands of people have been knitting this shawl, so there are lots of gorgeous photos. I love to look at people’s color choices. Really tells you something about their personality.


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