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Am I Nerdy Knitting?

I really enjoy seeing how people find this blog. This morning I had a look at my stats and saw that someone had reached it with the search term ‘am i nerdy knitting’ and now I’m totally amused. Are you nerdy knitting, dear reader? If you came to this blog it’s quite likely.

There are two possible interpretations of nerdy knitting.

  1. A nerd who knits
  2. A person who is a nerd because they knit

Personally, I consider myself the first one. I can see why some people might feel being a knitting nerd might be embarrassing or shameful but seeing as I’m a big fan of knitting in public spaces (for the sheer reason that I’m easily bored in queues or on buses) I don’t understand the shame aspect. If you do, just remember this; anyone who judges you probably doesn’t get that buzz of excitement every time they touch soft, colourful yarn. Pity them. They’re missing out.

As for the former definition, well, I know I’m not alone in being a nerdy knitter. If you look on Ravelry pattern search for ‘geeky‘ you get all sorts of gems.  There’s Knitty’s Bigger on the Inside, a wonderful shawl lined with TARDISes that I fully intend to make one day. There are Totoro mitts, Hogwarts scarves, baby Yoda sweaters, Jayne hats (of course), and DEATH of Rats plushies. Guys, that’s just the first page. I don’t think we can deny at this point that there are a lot of very nerdy knitters out there.

Nari, if you are reading this, stop here. Birthday spoilers!

My latest nerdy knitting. Can ya see what it is yet?
My latest nerdy knitting. Can ya see what it is yet?

This is my latest trek into seriously geeky knitting. This particular square got ditched when I stitched the same thing twice and totally messed it up (it’s my first try at intarsia) but I’ve got the hang of it now. Yeah, it’s Iron Man. I finished Black Widow two days ago and I’m halfway through Phil Coulson. It’s my girlfriend’s 30th birthday tomorrow and when you find the love of your life through geeky means (we met through X-Men), it’s only appropriate to gift seriously geeky presents.

Like, say, an Avengers blanket.

Yeah. I’d say I’m probably nerdy knitting.


4 thoughts on “Am I Nerdy Knitting?

  1. It’s awesome how so many knitters are also nerds. I wonder what it is about the two things that go so well together?


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